10 Best places to get married in Italy...

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We've no doubts... 2015 has been the year of "Italy"! Some of the most glam and famous couples decided to tie the knot in our beautful country!   With such incredible list of spots, it is hard for our team to keep limit the our list only to 10..  but after a great effort et la voilĂ .. the list of

10 best places to get married in Italy!

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1. All crazy for lakes! 

Como, Maggiore, Orta, Garda|The GLAM

Those of you dreaming of a romantic and really chich wedding with a stunning view on the Alps or on a romantic spot pieux dans l'eau, Lake Como, Lake Maggiore and above all the little pearl of Lake Orta are the perfect setting for an incredible wedding in Italy!

You can visualize your wedding by the romantic Lake Maggiore or decide for a chic and glam party on Lake Como; those couples that want to experience a wedding on small tiny and cosy lake can enjoy the beauty of Lake Orta.  Simply click on the lake you like and read more. Our dedicated staff for the Lakes area is ready to guide you towards some of the most incredible and romantic venues the area can offer.

2. Cliffs and sea for

Portofino|the EXCLUSIVITY

Can you immagine that a small tiny village of less than 1000 inhabitants can be one of the most famous spot for getting married in the world? Portofino the little tiny pearl of the Riviera.

Portofino and the Italian Riviera is the perfect spot for small, intimate and luxory weddings.  Let you guide from our dedicated staff in finding your hidden spot 

3. Love and Poetry 

Verona|the ROMANTIC

For the very romantic couples, civil ceremony can be celebrated right on the Famous Balcony of Romeo & Juliet. 

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4. Luxory and flamboyant
Venice|the SUBLIME

Venice is an incredible and unique place to celebrate your engagement or your vows renew on a Godola. 

Our team is highly recommending Verona & Venice in case of Eloping or Same Sex Celebrations.

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Venice at 


Tuscany|The FOODY

From Florence to Cortona, Arezzo, Siena, Pienza, Lucca... the whole region is considered the PERFECT PLACE TO GET MARRIED IN ITALY! 
There's no doubt that Tuscany is the "Destination for excellence";  in Tuscany couples can find venues for all budgets, friendly staff and warm welcome. 

Some of our best events have been organized, planned and took place in Tuscany.  Below a swift list of memorable experiences: 

6. Between Mystic and Romance 


Those couples dreaming of a dive into a country & rustic paradise, cannot miss the opportunity of visiting Umbria, the right place for an intimate wedding.

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Like Jackie O'

7. Positano|The CHIC

The Amalfi coast with its narrow streets offers enchating spots to get married.  Positano is our favourite place on the coastline.  For those dreaming a glam & stylish wedding. 

Like a chic ballerina

8. Ravello|The STYLISH

There's nothing more Romantic than a wedding in Ravello, located at about 5 km from Amalfi, up on the mountain, overlooking the coast from Maiori to Amalfi. This enchanted place is among the most beautiful in the whole Amalfi Coast, with an intense and unique landscape.


Those of you that are planning to get married by the sea and eager to discover an incredible and unknow Italy, well.. we're proud to inform you that we're ready to help you in planning your dream day in 

Like on a movie 

10. SICILY! What's else? 

A wedding in Sicily in a small cozy square is a unique experience not only for the couple, but for the guests!  From Taormina to Marzamemi ... what do you want more! 

ope this helps you all.  If you want to know a little bit more about our services and our phylosophy, you can also browse our web site at www.theknotinitaly.it  Get in touch with us is easy - simply email at hello@weddingsinitaly.it   

Happy planning to everybody! 

Rossana Sapori| Co-founder WeddingsInItaly.it 


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